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Best Keyboard Cleaning Kit for your Mechanical Keyboard

Everyone loves cleaning but some people don’t bother to clean their PC. If you are passionate about a custom pc & have a custom build so you will definitely love to clean your pc and it’s just for everything.   Are you afraid of Keyboard cleaning?

Cleaning keyboards are not overly difficult. Mechanical keyboards are the best to clean the keycaps of a mechanical keyboard and have the advantage of easily removed keycaps and wider space between the keys.  how much time does it take to clean the keyboard like new?

well, if you have the proper tools you can clean your mechanical keyboard in just 30 to 1 hour depending on the condition of the keyboard. In this guide, we will cover the basics of cleaning a mechanical keyboard by removing keycaps, applying some, compressed air, and a bit greasy.Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Tools for Cleaning Keyboard:

For cleaning your keyboard you must do have a proper toolset. without any proper, you can break or can do internal damage.  you must do have the following item:

  1. Keycap puller.
  2. Anti-static compressed air alternatively, use an air compressor.
  3. 3M Keyboard Cleaner (scrubber / sponge ).
  4. Cyber Clean compound.
  5. Q-Tips will also work (apply rubbing alcohol), but require more effort.
  6. And last time which is required almost 30 to 1 hour depending on your skill.

Not all of these are necessary, though, for particularly tough jobs, they can make life easier.

Keyboard Cleaning Steps:

Here are some pretty simple steps which you can follow to clean your any keyboard without any problem which is following step by step.

  1. Remove all keycaps with the keycap puller. We’d suggest that you separate them by “right” and “left” halves of the keyboard, in case your shift/ctrl/alt buttons are of different sizes. Or In many situations, the key only snaps out partially. If the keycap is still attached to the laptop use your fingers to remove the keycap completely.
  2. Get thee to a shrubbery. Head outside, flip the keyboard over, and lightly tap the loose flakes out from the bottom. Your dead skin has now rejoined the environment as soil, making this process officially “green.”
  3. Blast some compressed air into the keyboard while it’s flipped over. Don’t tip the canister upside-down unless it uses a nozzle that will allow this.
  4. If you’ve still got hair stuck in switches or dead skin in the crevices, this is where you can apply the Cyber Clean compound to grab semi-loose particles that are more stubborn. Cyber Clean won’t grab everything, so you’ll still need to do some more work. There are stickier compounds out there, but you risk leaving a sticky residue on the keyboard/switches that could cause switch sticking in the future. We wouldn’t recommend anything stronger than what was linked above.
  5. To remove final remnants, use the 3M scrub brush and solution (you could also apply any scrub brush or pipe cleaner with some rubbing alcohol) to scrub-out what’s left. If using the solution of some kind, allow the solution to fully dry before remounting the keycaps and connecting the keyboard electrically. A Q-Tip will also do the trick but requires more elbow grease.
  6. Re-apply keycaps to their position.


  1. If you are trying to clean your keyboard, and are using some liquid cleaner so do not reconnect it to a system before it dries. Otherwise, it can short the board and destroy it.
  2. Don’t use a sticky compound that is too sticky. Just make sure you check user reviews if straying from what is recommended here. Residue can cause switch sticking.
  3. Do not apply high-pressure spray (blasting it with a hose) as this can damage or rust springs and underlying PCBs. Some keyboards will have the PCB protected with a plastic cover to guard against spills, but that might not hold against high-pressure blasting.

And that’s about it, really. Once all of this is done, your keyboard should be more responsive on the switches with fewer instances of switch sticking, it’ll be cleaner / safer in terms of health, and you can stop cringing every time you accidentally look top-down.



  • By Cleaning your keyboard it can be rung long lasting without any stacking key or jamming due to dust many keyboards can lose their life so, it’s better to clean your whole pc to get rid from these situations


  • The cleaning kit is a great accessory for cleaning your keyboard but without any proper information if you are trying to clean your keyboard you can burn, short, or can do any internal damage.
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