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Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards Reviews 2018

best silent mechanical keyboardsA keyboard is an important part of the computer system. This typewriter type of device acts as an electronic switch or a mechanical lever. Multiple keys are present and each key has a character printed on it that corresponds to a specific symbol. Various kinds of keyboards are available in the markets today that are developed according to the needs of the customers. These include wireless Bluetooth keyboards that work on the Bluetooth technology, quiet/ salient mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards and many others o enlist. There are keyboards available that are solely used for the gaming purposes. Thus, there is now a wide range of keyboards which the customers can buy according to their needs.

A mechanical keyboard is a built-in keyboard with a high quality and efficiency. The key switches that these keyboards include work according to the usage and preferences of the users. If someone is looking for a high-efficiency keyboard for gaming they must not neglect the mechanical keyboards. The quiet mechanical gaming keyboard is a revolutionary figure in the gaming. These responsive keyboards are better than the membrane or any other kind of keyboards as each key in it has a separate switch and sends the output signals at different times.

Various quiet/silent mechanical keyboards come into the markets that have unique features to suit the requirements of the customers. In some of them the directional buttons are functional and in some the whole keyboard acts as a mechanical one. In case of mechanical keyboards for gaming, only those buttons remain functional that boosts the gaming effects. A few of them have keys that operate on the same function with no membrane touch.

The major feature of these keyboards that makes them unique is the key switches they use. These are inexpensive to manufacture and have a long lifespan. The information that one types appear exactly the same on the screen. They are heavier to carry and have a high buying cost as the hardware they include is a high price.

Salient quiet/silent mechanical keyboards

Some of the quiet mechanical keyboards for work and gaming are listed below with their unique features.

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1) CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWhenever talking about the beneficial and most popular keyboards we cannot neglect the corsair strafe RGB cherry mx silent. The ultra-silent key switches have unique features and dynamic vibrant light control feature. It is a highly responsive keyboard with high speed and is almost 30% quieter than the other mechanical gaming keyboards. The unlimited configuration greatly enhances the backlight feature.
Specifications of the product

Manufacturers: Corsair
The weight of the item: 3.13 pounds
Item dimensions: 8.6*1.88*17.6 inches
Product dimensions: 8.6*1.9*17.6 inches
Color: LED red


The switches are 100% silent that makes them comfortable to use. The dynamic brilliant red backlighting feature which provides unlimited light adjustability is amazing. For efficient gaming purposes, the keyboard can be made highly programmable. You can reassign any key and it will work accordingly. The USB pass-through port is present. It is easy to handle and the textured keycaps provide a strong grip. It makes the product handling easy for the consumers.

  • Stylish design.
  • Keys are efficient to use.
  • A less expensive alternative to K70 RGB
  • Cannot install Linux on it.
  • The wrist rest that comes along with the product is too low to use.


2) Redragon K-556 with RGB Lightning mechanical keyboard

Redragon K-556It is one of the best known mechanical keyboards. Over many years the manufacturers have been trying to make it the best keyboard for gaming purposes. It has always been a choice for the customers due to the outstanding features that make it a unique and ultra-fast mechanical keyboard.

Product specifications
Keyboard size: 17.13*4.88*1.59 inches
Keyboard weight: 1.3 pounds
Multimedia keys available: 12 keys are present
Cable: Fiber braided cable is present
Voltage: 1 volts
Hardware platform: Pc


The best part of buying this product is that you can get extra 8 switches as a gift so that in case someone loses the keys they can again fix it and the keyboard remains functional. The keys are easy to use and enhance the typing experience. They are quiet and are perfect for the use in the office. A 9-colored single backlit mode is present in this keyboard. Along with that 18 backlit modes are also available. It has an ergonomic, waterproof and durable design. 104 keys are present and this multi-key functionality provides ultra-high typing speed. A metal layer is coated on the surface that protects the keyboard from scratches. The keycap design makes it easier for the customers to get their actions registered. It is highly compatible with other devices such as Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, 7 and Windows 10.

  • Mechanical switches are easy to use.
  • Customers can enjoy fast gaming.
  • IP67 waterproof ability is present.
  • Scratch proof.
  • RGB technology is present.
  • Efficient gaming response is present which is up to 1 Ms.
  • Cleaning with water is not feasible as it can damage the RGB.
  • It has a comparatively high price.
  • Keys can become noisy when they are not properly cleaned and dust is present.
  • Complex mode of switches is present for RGB lighting.

3) Das Quiet/Silent Mechanical Keyboard For Professionals

Das quiet /silent mechanical keyboardThe general purpose mechanical keyboards include the Das keyboard 4 professional. It is one of the finest keyboards that come into the market each year. I can offer a superb typing experience for the people who work at either office or use this keyboard for the gaming purposes.


Name of brand: Das keyboard
Item weight: 2.6 pounds
Dimensions of the product: 18*6.8*1.2 inches
Dimensions of the item: 18*6.8*1.2 inches
Operating system:  mac os x


Instead of most of the plastic used in the keyboards the Das professional keyboard has been replaced by the aluminum which makes it strong. The hardware controls included in it are easy to control and use. The switches make less noise and are consumer efficient. It can replace the other mechanical keyboards as it can function fairly well and is a highly compatible product.

  • Sleep controls are included.
  • Cherry MX Blue with brown switches is present.
  • Has high supportive media hardware.
  • It supports USB 3.0
  • It has a superior design and functionality.
  • Easy grip and has a strong construction.
  • No onboard audio ports are present on this keyboard.
  • It is expensive.
  • The foot bar is not easy to handle that makes the angling of the keyboard a difficult task.


4) Low profile Havit HV-KB390L mechanical keyboard

Low profile Havit HV-KB390LIt is one of the inexpensive keyboards that have smooth switches which help in efficient typing. It is easy to carry and lightweight keyboard. What make the product highly portable are the detachable USB and a compact size. The users can take it anywhere for the office work purposes. If you are looking for a keyboard solely for the typing purposes and not for the gaming then it is important to consider this keyboard.

Product specifications

Number of keys: 87 keys
Operation force: 45+/- 10
Voltage: 4.75 volts
Current: 50mA or less when the backlight is off and 250mA or less when the backlight is the brightest
Net weight: 520 grams
Interface type: USB
Travel: 3 mm


In this keyboard driver free plug and play option is present. 87 different soft keys are present. It is much thinner and lighter than the original mechanical keyboards available in the market. The compact design makes it easy to carry device. Multiple backlight modes are available. A unique mechanical feel is provided by the 3 mm key travel. A latest Kailh Blue switch which is one of the low profile switches is also present in this keyboard.

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Backlit keys are present.
  • N-key rollover present.
  • Detachable USB cable is included.
  • Keys are easy to use and do not make much noise.
  • It can be used as the best keyboard for gaming.
  • The preset is already installed which makes it a satisfying product.
  • Limited customization options are present.
  • No wrist rest is available.


5) Razer Blackwidow Chrome V2- An RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Razer Blackwidow Chrome V2This multifunction keyboard is a complete package with many outstanding features and also provides an amazing typing speed. It is efficient for both the gaming and writing purposes. Being first introduced in 2010 the product quickly became popular in the world as a highly selling keyboard for gaming. The Razer Chroma backlighting provides personalized lighting controls and an amazing color spectrum.


Color: RGB
Brand name: Razer
Product dimensions: 18.6*1.6*9.9 inches
Weight of the product: 3.88 pounds
Dimensions of the item: 18.56*1.59*9.93 inches (L*W*H)
Hardware: Mac; PC; Linux; UNI
Operating system: All 2000 windows server versions


The keyboard is basically designed for the gaming purposes but also enables efficient writing and typing options. The Razer mechanical switches work effectively even at great distances and are highly responsive. Individually programmable backlit keys provide multiple color options of up to 16.8 million. The design of the keyboard is comfortable and easy. The ergonomic wrist rest feature makes sure that the consumers use the product with great comfort. Using this keyboard you can make ten commands simultaneously as it has anti-ghosting technology in it. It makes sure that the customers are benefited with every key the keyboard holds.

  • Gaming mode option is present in it.
  • USB pass-through is included.
  • Razer Synapse is enabled.
  • 1000 Hz ultra polling option is present.
  • It has a braided fiber cable.
  • 80 million keystroke lifespan.
  • It is an economical product.
  • Fine typing is ensured.
  • It can be used for any kind of application.
  • It has a limited number of features.
  • Some of the features require adjustments and can be made even better.


6) Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit silent mechanical gaming keyboard

Logitech G610To experience a pure gaming experiences always opt for this keyboard. It has an amazing performance-based design. It works on the best technologies that include customizable key lightning and tactile Cherry MX brown key switches that have a long lifespan. The unique features of this product make sure that the best outcome is provided to the customers no matter what. For every key light, the brightness can be controlled. It is compatible with various windows and devices.

Product specifications

Brand name: Logitech
Product dimensions: 17.5* 6* 1.4 inches
Item dimensions: 17.5* 6* 1.4 inches
Color: White LED
Item weight: 2.6 pounds


This full-sized keyboard is excellent for the use of game lovers as they can enjoy the complete experience. The mx silent keyboard has the keys that make less or no noise and with every key press, the feedback is provided. The function of the keys can be customized and easy game mode can be generated. The mechanical switches remain efficient for a longer period of time and are much responsive than the rubber shaped keys of the ordinary keyboards. The media controls are easy to access. The customizable lightning feature is also present. It works effectively with many windows such as Windows 7, 8, 10 and 8.1.

  • Programmable white backlighting feature is included.
  • It has solid built quality.
  • Cherry MX key switches are reliable and easy to use.
  • There are no audio ports or USB ports present.
  • No clicky key switch features are present either.



The quiet/ silent mechanical keyboards are of excellent use for the game lovers. They include the features that fully suit the customers and ensure that they use the device comfortably. Multiple key presses can be handled easily using this keyboard. These keyboards are readily available at the Amazon.com from where they can be purchased at a fairly less price and in case of any problem the product can be refunded easily.

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