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Best Mechanical Keyboard Switches 2018 Buying Guide

A keyboard is based on a typewriter, or you can say it’s a new generation of the typewriter which is more convenient and more comfortable and more reliable and easy to use and it’s way better than typewriters. it’s the main component peripheral of the computer. without a keyboard, you can’t write a single word.  On the starting Keyboard was expensive to purchase and on that time Mechanical keyboards were also present but expensive and there was a time when Membrane Keyboards came out which users can buy in cheaper prices and easy to afford.

Types of Keyboard Available in The Market

There are different types of keyboard, which you can find in the market and each keyboard varies the different category or their individual work. We see keyboards in our daily life especially in Offices, companies, shops, or home. Most people use normal keyboards just to complete their work, and when you are a gamer you must have a “Mechanical Keyboard” without Mechanical keyboard your setup is incomplete.

Keyboard of the Year:

The King of all keyboards “Corsair K95 RGB Platinum” is the best high-end gaming keyboard available in market right now and awarded as the keyboard of the year (2017). Quality comes at price but this is the keyboard for everyone who needs the perfection of everything. It upholds it’s reputation when it comes to build quality as the quality is top-notch and carried the true Cherry MX Switches. Whether you like the tactile Cherry MX Brown or the speedy Cherry MX Silver, there’s a switch for you. The texture on the keycaps is the best part of their keys and and the small details make them more comfortable to use in every way and to run to macro keys. Their’s a little downside of this keyboard is that the price which is around 200 ~ 210$. it doesn’t fit into any normal customer but it holds the best at the price money.

What is The Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard is a totally different experience for a user as they have switches under the keys, and it is based on switches like it comes in very different switches such as green, black, brown, white, blue, red, etc. Each switch works differently and each switch carries different quality. Almost most of the time Gamers prefer’s the Red switches just because of their quality. You can type very rapidly and it performs way better than normal keyboards and the technology which is using in mechanical is old as the keyboard itself. There’s no any doubt of the solid quality, clicking feeling under your fingers as you type, and the satisfying sound each key makes when you press it.  Every Person has a different taste, which some like Clicky sound, Crispy Sound, Silent, and balanced. Mechanical Keyboards are the most satisfying keyboard to use the clicky, crispy sound makes the person very sensation, It’s the whole new level of typing experience. The Tactile sound can make the user experience better and more concentrate especially when you hit a single or double button and if you are using the normal keyboard it can improve your typing experience especially if you are a fast typer. Maybe you might not be liked the mechanical keyboard just due to the heavyweight, clunky, too loud and annoying to slimmer. They are more expensive than the ordinary keyboard as the starting price of the Mechanical keyboard is like 35$ for any Chinese brand and can continue to 350$, it all depends on made switches & the company, Especially in build quality. Now, days you can easily find a Water Resistant, Dust Resistant  Mechanical Keyboard. The minimum price of cheap switch is like 5$ for each. If you are Enthusiast you should give a try, you will immediately feel the difference.

Switches Colors:

In mechanical keyboard there many different types of switches and it all depends on the user that what he/she is preferring according to their work. if you wanna choose Mechanical Keyboard it can be a difficult task for a random user as there are dozens of different models of each company where you confused between the price and the switches. I can tell you the better and the right one to pick.

Cherry Mx Red:

Cherry MX Red switches require very less force to press the button as they are very efficient in gaming and it also doesn’t make any louder sound but you can feel the crispy clicky sound that’s why the Gamers mostly prefer Cherry MX Red and it’s also available in wide variety on almost every website you can easily find according to your budget.


You can find them in the Corsair Vengence K60 gaming keyboard, Cooler Master QuickFire, Corsair Vengeance K95 Gaming Keyboard, the Max Nighthawk X9 backlit keyboard, and some older Ducky keyboard models.

Cherry Mx Brown:

Cherry MX Red switches are typical can be a daily driver for the user the main reason is a soft, tactile bump near the middle of the key. The Cherry MX Brown switch has a tactile bump but no audible click. It can save the more time by pressing the other keys to all down and it can be used for Gaming and Typing as, you don’t have to press the full key to register, in fact, half of the press can work easily and it’s not too loud. you can type very efficiently, in a faster way.


It’s the most popular switches in Mechanical Keyboard & can find them int the  G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Corsair K70,  Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition.

Cherry Mx Black:

Cherry MX Black switches are known for their smoothness, Pressing the button from top to bottom it doesn’t need a haptic tactile feedback to indicate a key press has been registered. During the typing, it automatically registers the key when you are in the middle and you don’t get a tactile bump while pressing the button. It mostly aimed for gamers when pressing or tapping the keys MX Black switches means you have to traverse the entire switch for a key press to register, which can be tiresome for regular typing, especially compared to other switches. The Cherry MX Black switch has no tactile bump or audible click.


You can find them in Thermaltake Meka G Unit and the Meka G1 mechanical gaming keyboards, also in Steelseries 7G gaming keyboard and other Steelseries Models, and some old Ducky Keyboard models.

Cherry Mx Blue:

Cherry MX Blue switches are not popular in gaming but for typing yes this is the daily type switch you can use because of the response and clicky sound. It produces clicky sound when you hit completely a key and it’s not great switches for gamers especially when you double tapping because the releasing point of the switch is above the point.  Cherry MX Blue switches give you a tactile bump as well as an audible click.


you can find them in Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, Thermaltake Models and some Das Models.

Cherry Mx Green:

Cherry MX Green switches is tougher and tighter than blue switches. It requires to more force to press a key, and mostly it’s not demanded switch as there are not many users for green switches.


you can find them in CM Storm Trigger keyboard, Rosewill RK-9000 series keyboards, & Thermaltake.

Cherry Mx Crystal:

Cherry MX Crystal switches are hard to find in the market and it’s very rare. It’s a totally different switch than the other one because it needs to press the key forcefully for the register and hard to use especially if you are purchasing for typing as they are harder, stiffer and more solid than MX Cherry Brown switches. when you press the key you can feel the bump of each key and a tactile feedback.


you cannot find easily and the answer is none.

Cherry Mx Tactile Grey:

Cherry MX Tactile Grey switches is basically used in space bar as they give very tactile feedback when you press a key. it’s very efficient for double tapping or using the spacebar. It’s also a Stiff and hard switch.

Silver Cherry MX:

Silver Cherry MX switches is basically can called a new generation of RED switches and they are more better than red espacially in gaming. It’s very similar to RED switches Both switches take 45cN force, lesser than the Black or Blue switch (60cN). The main and big difference between RED switches is the key register before it triggers a press. The speed/actuation point of Red is 2mm, while with total is 4mm & for the Silver switches the speed/actuiation point of Silver is 1.2mm, and total travel distance is 3.4mm & thus it makes a faster keyboard and little half of the distance

Best Mechanical Keyboard Switches for Gaming:

Keyboard is the best part for PC, if you spend your day by typing and play games like CS-GO etc then Mechanical keyboard can be the best choice for you. They are More Responsive, Faster, Comfortable, Durable and customizable then other parts of the keyboard. In these keyboards you can make your custom profile for gaming, typing, and multimedia. It also came in RGB Lighting & it feels totally fantastic and the build quality of mechanical keyboards are always top notch. for gaming you can choose the Brands between Thermaltake, Corsair, AZIO, etc. The best and regular switch you can take for gaming is silver and red but it depends on availability which is available in your area.     Red switches is available in wide variety of keyboards in many brands but silver are difficult to find. You can use as a daily driver and for gaming.