Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 Reviews

PC is a platform which is mainly recognized for its massive online fps shooters. As far as the shooting games are concerned, the gamers have always spent money on a gaming rich which would deliver a smooth 60 fps performance and for controlled shooting, some good gaming mouse. The point is, the gamers have always focused less on gaming keyboards because of the large shooting fan base. To tell you honestly, this is where you could be wrong. A good gaming keyboard for your pc is as important as the other accessories.

This does not deny the fact that the accessory developers have always produced some quality keyboards for gaming and those who recognize the technology, they have always bought them for good. When you have a slow internet connection where the latency is presented as a real problem, you can always cover the difference by using a good gaming keyboard and mouse. In this review, we will be exposing you in detail to the massive world of gaming keyboard technology.

If you are not a pro gamer who just sits back at home, builds a normal gaming rig, and spends a few dollars on a casual mouse and keyboard for gaming, that could be it as well. However, this is definitely not enough when you are targeting something big. For instance, to be a pro gamer who wants to compete in bigger gaming events, buying a professional keyboard and mouse is equally important as your skills.

Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2020


Confused Eh? Here is How To Choose The Best Gaming Keyboard?

When you move forward to buying a gaming keyboard, there are certain factors which matter. What most people do is that they always go for their favourite brands which is not always the wisest of approaches. In case you are running low on budget, that, however, is a different issue. This must always depend on the performance requirements and of course, the quality of the product itself.

Let us assume that you do not have budget issues for once. You can now feel free to buy any keyboard so which one would you choose? Well, if you are someone who only plays online fps, the response time of a keyboard matters the most. Also, the keys must be soft enough so you can work on them quickly. For fps gamers who play online, the factors such as response time and softness of the keyboard matter the most and that is how you choose your pick being an fps gamer.

This requirement, however, changes for the offline gamers where instead of response time, the durability and the grip on the buttons matter. For example, in role-playing games where you have to be quick in order to beat tons of enemies coming at you, would want your fingers to be fixed on the keyboard so that all the moves can be performed quickly. In the end, you can also choose a keyboard depending on the budget you have in your pocket and also the availability of a certain product in the market.

Also, you have to choose between the membrane and mechanical keyboards these days. Well, we will tell you about these two types of keyboards ahead but first, let us tell you which one you should choose. Mechanical Keyboards are expensive but they are designed exclusively for gamers who have some certain requirements. The science behind its design is that it uses a separate switch for each button which gives its separate output and thus, it increases your response time for online gaming. Many people complain that a mechanical keyboard makes a lot of noise when you type on that, however, you can always spend more money and but the one with silent keys.

A membrane keyboard would be economical, good for office work, and cheap but it wouldn’t be always enough for professional gaming. This is because of the design and the science behind its technology is that the keys are connected to each other with a membrane and thus, signals are sent through electrical ones which does not deliver the response time you would need. If you are not a gamer, then a membrane keyboard is even better since it makes lesser noise while typing.

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There Are Whole Lot of Keyboards Here Are A Few Type of Keyboards:

In our heading before this one, we have introduced you to the two types of keyboard i.e. membrane and mechanical keyboards. However, we only gave a slight touch and there was no proper introduction to the technology of these. We will now do two discrete accounts and tell you more about these keyboards.

What Are Mechanical Keyboards? 

The Mechanical Keyboards are the revolutionary figure in the gaming. Before these, the gamers wouldn’t really care about which keyboard they had. This is because no matter which membrane keyboard they bought, it could hardly bring any changes in the response time or skills. Well, the Mechanical keyboards for gaming have definitely changed that. A mechanical keyboard is more like the traditional type writer where each key has its separate switch underneath and it sends its separate signal for the output. When we compare this with the technology of a membrane keyboard where each key is connected to each other and sends electrical signals, this takes more times.

Now, the mechanical keyboards also come in different types. There are keyboards where only a few buttons such as W, A, S, D, which are directional buttons and few others are made mechanical. These are made solely for those gamers who cannot afford very expensive mechanical keyboards and only need the gaming buttons to enhance their gaming types. The other type of course, are the mechanical keyboards where every button is based on the same technology with no membrane touch. These are more expensive and durable with so many companies offering different varieties.

MMM. But Are Mechanical Keyboards Good For Typing ? 

1) Redragon K-556 with RGB Lighting: The Best Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K-556To illustrate the mechanical keyboards technology better, let us take an example of the best mechanical keyboard which is K-556 from Redragon. Over the years, these manufacturers have clearly dominated the market with their prime focus on these exotic mechanical keyboards for gaming. Also, being an Asus or Corsair fan, you might have doubted our best pick for this kind of keyboard but with this small review of the product, the air will be cleared out.


Think of some of the important features which you mostly ask of your mechanical keyboard. Most certainly, they would include a faster response time during games, a waterproof design with IP67 technology, durability, RGB lightings for an improved and beautiful look, and of course, the durability. Well, to be honest, you don’t get all of these in a price which our number pick offers for its users.

Now, with Redragon K-556, you are in a for a real treat where a heavy duty metal is used to make it mechanical which would definitely ensure a long run as your favourite gaming keyboard. Also, doesn’t matter if you are someone who likes to go hard on his buttons, this machine has the capability to endure all the rage coming from you. Besides this strength and durability, they have designed the beautiful RGB lighting with different colors with different lighting modes.

Many mechanical keyboards under $100 do compromise on the some features. However, here is the one which is absolutely perfect in any case. Due to the full and quality metal, I doubt the thought that it would get even a single scratch ever. Doesn’t matter for how long you use it, this mechanical keyboard from the quality manufacturer is going to keep its shape. Also, your fear of water to hit your device will no longer be effective since this has been completely saved from any effect of water using the IP67 waterproof technology.

One of the amazing things about the mechanical keyboards is that each keycap in the device can removed and cleaned separately. Also, many detergents made for cleaning this sheets are effective and while you clean them on monthly or weekly basis, this improves the performance. As for the compatibility, you must not worry about that since it is compatible with any computer which is running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10.


We have reviewed them in detail but now, let us write down some of the top features quickly down there for you:

  • Redragon K-556 gives you the advantage of an ergonomic design with the exotic and beautiful RGB lighting with different lighting modes as well.
  • Even with all these premium features, this is one of the best mechanical keyboards under the price tag of a $100.
  • The keyboard uses the IP67 waterproof technology which makes this a trusted one.
  • It has mechanical switches with which you can make the keys quiet for office work or switch to the louder mode for gaming. Well, it all depends on what you like.
  • When you need to clean them or work on the switches, the keys can be easily removed from the keyboard.
  • Uses the latest and discrete switch technology for each key with which you can work your moves much faster in the game.
  • Also, due to the robust and high-quality metal, your keyboard is never going to get even a single scratch.

Why to Buy Redragon K-556


  • A gaming response time of up to 1 MS.
  • Full-metal mechanical keys.
  • Never gets a scratch.
  • For fast and effective gaming and office time.
  • Has RGB Lighting.
  • Has IP67 Waterproof Technology.
  • Easy to use mechanical switches.


  • A price that is a little more comparatively.
  • Cleaning with water could damage RGB.
  • Complex mode of switches for RGB lighting.
  • When gets a little dust, the keys make a lot of noise.


What Are Membrane Keyboards?

Ever since you bought your first computer, you have been using these. Membrane keyboards are based on the traditional keyboard technology where each key is connected to each other just like a membrane and the electrical signals are sent through this membrane for the output. Due to this technology, these keyboards have a slower response in the games and especially when your latency is at stake. However, with a faster internet connection and with a better latency, even a membrane keyboard would be enough.

With the advances in technology, the companies have worked over the years to bring improvement in the membrane keyboards and there are products which are so much better that they always get in touch in competition terms with many mechanical keyboards. Besides gaming, the membrane keyboards are preferred for the office work and other tasks since they are software and make less noise. Also, for offline RPG, some good quality membrane keyboards are preferred instead of a mechanical keyboard.

We shall now move ahead and review the best membrane keyboard as an example.

2) SIIG USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard: The Best Membrane Keyboard:

SIIG USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsThough there are many quality brands such as RAZER, Asus, Corsair, and Thermaltake, we have chosen SIIG USB Multimedia Keyboard for one very specific reason. That would be its most affordable price in which SIIF brings an amazing quality membrane keyboard with every necessary feature you require. Let us move ahead and review this keyboard in detail.


There is so much to talk about this one. The one is the true example of the magical bag of a wizard which looks so small but holds everything real inside. While you are buying a membrane keyboard, you look for the one which is suitable for your gaming time, your office work, is not very expensive, has extra USB slots, doesn’t need complex drivers to install, and of course, the water resistance. You wouldn’t believe while I mention that this single SIIG USB Mini Keyboard has all this stuff in it.

When you go for these advanced keyboards, you are required to install proper drivers which sometimes give you headaches because there are rare occasions on which you cannot even find them. With this keyboard, you can now feel free since it only needs to be plugged in the USB port to get its power and start working.

Like other fancy and hectic keyboards, this one from SIIG is not very large and thus, you can easily move it around in your bag with your laptop. This saves you some space and makes it possible for you to use it in any situation. Also, due to the soft keys, you can do your office work better and faster without any hectic sounds troubling your ears.

When a keyboard is of a size this small, you don’t expect them to feature any extra key. However, the same case does not fit true for this SIIG mini keyboard. Besides the basic key layout, this one also features a set of multimedia keyboards which makes listening to music and watching movies easier. You can open the internet explorer in one second and also send emails using these shortcuts on your quality membrane keyboard.

As for the price, this just gives you another reason for its greatness. This would be in fact, the best membrane keyboard under $50 which you can afford and a keyboard which also does multitasking you. It comes with a nice and sophisticated design and what is better than a lightweight keyboard, which is perfect for playing both offline and online games.

For those who love fancy keyboards from top brands, there is a list coming ahead and so stay tuned and stay put!


Though we have already reviewed its top features in detail, it was compulsory to lay them out in quick points so here we go:

  • One of the cheapest membrane keyboards with a simple but an attractive design.
  • Its resistance against the water is simply impregnable with liquid spills on the multimedia keys.
  • A large USB connectivity cable which extends up to 58-inches that is long enough to work from a good distance.
  • An easy switch button which allows you to switch between the membrane and standard modes.
  • One of the most durable and soft keyboard you can get for both typing and gaming.
  • No drivers needed to operate so you just need to plug and play.

Why to Buy SIIG USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard


  • An economical option which anyone can afford for multitasking.
  • It has amazing water resistant that exceeds expectations.
  • A large USB cable length.
  • Easy switch between standard and membrane mode.
  • Works on the built-in keyboard drivers.


  • Not recommended for online gaming due to lesser response time.
  • For long term, not a very good keyboard to get.
  • Due to normal material used in the making, this could get rough and scratched.

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2020:

Here we are at the hardest part of this article. One thing is for sure, the biasness is in the blood of humans and so does gamers. Doesn’t matter how unbiased the reviews are for different Top 10 lists, there will be readers who are going to think against but of course, there isn’t a remedy for that. So being a reviewer, I have tried my ton best to bring the best of keyboards based on different factors such as price, features, and quality of the product. We have a lot to cover for this list so let us begin without any further delay.

1) Logitech G413 Carbon – A Full Mechanical Keyboard:

Logitech G413 Carbon - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsWhen you feel confused while choosing between a mechanical or membrane keyboard, look at your pocket first and if it allows, you could rather go for a hybrid device and that is when you could satisfy your needs better. Now, whether it is the factor of the budget or the features, I have studied different keyboards based on reviews by the experts and users and as a result, none of the products could bring more satisfaction than this Logitech G413 Carbon keyboard which is purely a masterpiece from Logitech. We have enlisted some of the top hardware specifications of our number pick:


  • One of the quality features is the mechanical switch which is just made to add the perfect response for your keyboard and also enhanced the durability of the keyboard.
  • Not just that, these keys also ensure a high-performance with their pro-grade performance feature that is based on the latest technology.
  • One of the most beautiful and sophisticated keyboard designs you will get.
  • For each and every key, there are full-on mechanical switches behind.
  • A keyboard which has a wired interface inside with a colorful and exotic lighting.

Why to Buy Logitech G413 Carbon


  • Known for its quality of mechanical buttons.
  • Comes with full-on mechanical switches behind each key.
  • Keyboard backlighting just makes it even more beautiful.
  • A design which enchants the hearts of users.
  • Durable and responsive.


  • Somewhat expensive for many gamers.
  • The USB 2.0 pass-through is very slow.
  • Does not feature the programmable keys.
  • Multimedia buttons not present.

2) RAZER Black Widow Chrome V2 – Very Eye Candy Keyboard with 8 Million Colors:

RAZER Black Widow Chrome V2 - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsI should warn you that reading this review has no use if you are expecting a cheap price from RAZER. However, if you don’t care about the price and is someone who only prefers quality features with high performance in games, you would definitely want to read about our second pick that is RAZER Black Widow Chrome V2.  We have always known RAZER for their expensive gaming accessories but the reason why gamers still prefer them it is because of the features and quality which they bring in their products.

You must have realized that for some games, it is necessary to have some programmable keys which we couldn’t provide with our first pick. This helps you become better at it by choosing the controls of your own choice. Well, this is the beauty of Black Widow Chrome V2 which brings five programmable keys for the players. We shall now move ahead and enlist its top features for you.


  • RAZER Black Widow Chrome V2 has five programmable keys which you can setup for any game you want using the software for the keyboard.
  • If you are someone who plays for hours, it has a wrist rest to keep you calm and comfortable.
  • Of course, like many other top products, this one comes with a wired interface and the keyboard backlighting which makes it look exotic.
  • Since this is also a mechanical keyboard, it also gives you the switch keys.
  • The keyboard also has a USB slot on the body just to give you a plus one.

Why to Buy RAZER Black Widow Chrome V2


  • Chrome V2 is known for comfort and durability.
  • Have 5 programmable keys.
  • The keyboard has its own software.
  • Has mechanical key switches.
  • Wired interface with a nice comfy wrist rest.
  • 8 million colors.
  • The best for online gaming.


  • Only one USB slot while there is a room for another.
  • Quite expensive as compared to many equivalent keyboards.

3) Hyper X Alloy Elite – Responsive Mechanical Keyboard (Don’t Bash The Keys Again) :

Hyper X Alloy Elite - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsThe world of gaming is so big with so many gamers with so many different choices of gaming accessories. Sometimes, it becomes quite hard for the manufacturers to keep a balance between the prices and features. Also, since different gamers have a variety of requirement and it becomes really difficult to balance all of this for online and offline gaming, this is all quite unmanageable. However, there are options like Hyper X Alloy Elite in the market which would suit you both in terms of the budget and the features. So, what does this gaming keyboard has in-stock for us? We have enlisted some of its top features for you”


  • This one of the most attractive keyboard designs with mesmerizing LED lighting to enhance the beauty of the appearance.
  • A keyboard whose performance has been optimized both for offline and online gamers.
  • At a very reasonable price, you are getting a load of features which you wouldn’t really expect to be true.
  • Due to the quality of the material used in the making, you can trust the durability.
  • There are some quick and handy media keys for performing tasks better and faster.
  • Again, another product with the LED keyboard backlighting and the wired interface.
  • A nice palm rest in the so you can keep gaming for longer.

Why to Buy Hyper X Alloy Elite


  • A perfect successor to the previous product from Hyper X Allow series.
  • Known for its handy media keys.
  • Has a wrist rest for comfortable and longer gaming time.
  • Has every necessary feature which you need for both offline and online gaming.
  • The backlighting with LEDs and wired interface.
  • Fast and responsive.


  • There are no programmable keys in Hyper X Alloy Elite.
  • The keyboard does not allow any macro programming.
  • Not in your price expectation of keyboard under $100.
  • Its cable is excessively thick.

4) Topre Real Force RGB – Solid Quality, It is A Durable Keyboard:

Topre Real Force RGB - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsWell, gaming is not the only thing which people do with their keyboards. There are other tasks such as typing for chatting and office work etc. In that case, none of the above keyboards will be perfectly suitable since they were designed only with the purpose of gaming. However, now, we have brought you a device that is made perfect both for gaming and other tasks such as typing your office work and chatting online with your friends. The product is named Topre Real Force RGB. We have listed some of the features which were missing in different products in different price ranges now while they are charging you a good price, they have also made sure that you get all the necessary features you are going to get. Listed below are some of the top features of this classic gaming keyboard.


  • This gaming keyboard has its own unique Topre key switches for the mechanical buttons.
  • To make it look gorgeous, there is RGB lighting installed in the keyboard.
  • Known for its solid material quality used in the making.
  • Everything such as wired interface, backlighting, and programmable keys are present.
  • Good for those who want to play games and also do their office work.
  • The keycaps used in the keyboard are of some really high-quality material.
  • One of the versatile keyboards you can ever get.

Why to Buy Topre Real Force RGB


  • Excellent response time.
  • Beautiful RGB lighting.
  • Comes with high quality keycaps.
  • Solid Material Quality used in the making.
  • The keycap stems from Topre are present.


  • A price not everyone can afford.
  • The wrist rest is not available.
  • Also, the keycap puller is not given in the box.

5) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – A Comfy Keyboard with Wrist Rest:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsOne of the reasons why Corsair are so famous is that they always come up with something unique. They just don’t follow all the trends which other manufacturers are following and thus, they have a huge fan base which relies on their class and brilliance. For this list, take the example of Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard for instance, this keyboard is simply going to amaze you with its speed. Now, whether it is during the gaming or the response time of keys during the work, you are in for a real treat lads. Also, Corsair make a whole different use of their RGB technology to give a hypnotic and unique look. We shall move ahead now and tell you some of the top features of this cheetah speed mechanical keyboard from Corsair:


  • The material used in the making of this keyboard is classy aluminum which not only gives it an exotic look but also ensures the maximum durability and strength of the product.
  • The use of its RGB lighting is made in a way that what you get is a classy, beautiful, and exotic look just like of a disco.
  • As for the traditional features, the internal interface of the keyboard is wired of course and the keyboard backlighting is also present.
  • There are six programmable keys which you can manage for each and every game using the software for it.
  • 8 MB storage is given so that you can even save the key profiles in the keyboard instead of your computer so then you can take your device anywhere for gaming on any Pc.

Why to Buy Corsair K95 RGB Platinum


  • One of the most durable keyboards.
  • Aluminum is used in the making for strength.
  • This one has programmable keys.
  • 8 MB free storage for saving key profiles.
  • A wrist rest is given.
  • Military-grade Aluminum is used.
  • 8 million colors mode enabled.


  • The software is kind of an awkward and messy one.
  • The rubber palm is not of good quality and gets rough sooner.
  • Of course, you cannot expect an affordable price from Corsair.

6) RAZER ORNATA – A Very Clicky Keyboard:

RAZER ORNATA - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsWe are back to RAZER and this time with something really different. You must have seen many blends but none better than the combination of the membrane and mechanical keyboards from RAZER ORNATA. This is not just at the level of features and quality but also, a price which most of you can afford while fulfilling all of your gaming and typing needs from your classy keyboard. Though it is obvious that the features you are getting are limited, yet, they are more than enough to satisfy your needs as a gamer and a casual computer user. We have enlisted some of the top features of this cocktail:


  • RAZER ORNATA is likely to bring you some basic features such as an internal wired interface.
  • There are no programmable keys but that would be a complexity in fact because of the membrane and mechanical keys blend.
  • You get complete colors for your backlighting so don’t you worry about that.
  • Just so you can play games whole day long, there is a quality magnetic wrist rest.
  • One of the most affordable options in the desirable quality.



  • The actuation in the keyboard is rather clicky and tactile.
  • Durable and strong.
  • A perfect membrane and mechanical combination.
  • Its wired interface also comes with full color keyboard backlighting.
  • Do not worry about the warranty since you get a full year of it.


  • The short keys might not be able to please everyone.
  • There are no programmable keys in the keyboard.
  • With a slow internet connection, the response could get messy.
  • May not be something faster for your office work etc.

7) Cherry MX Board 6.0 – Combining Cherry MX Keys & Real Key Analog Technology:

Cheery MX Board 6 - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsThere are hardcore gamers who would neither compromise on the durability nor on the features. They are the ones who want something like Cherry MB Board 6.0 keyboard where the only material used in the making is metal and the compromise on the other features was never an option either. This is why the complete frame and keys of this keyboard are made of metal and other features such as the backlighting in the keyboard, the wired interface, and the programmable keys are also present. We have got a lot to cover ahead so let us take you to the features of this one.


  • The only material used in the making is full-metal and nothing else.
  • This making style only means pure durability and a long-lasting product.
  • With enough space between the keys onboard, the typing also becomes excellent.
  • As for the low-profile on the keyboard, it is quite comfortable.
  • There are programmable keys and backlighting as well.
  • The interface is wired of course which increases the response.

Why to Buy Cherry MX Board 6.0


  • The programmable keys are present.
  • One of the nicest low-profiles you can get.
  • Of course, there is keyboard backlighting to make it look cool.
  • The interface is wired for faster response time.
  • There are different combinations of lighting such as red color and also the mixed ones.


  • Its price is the one which would give you second and third thoughts.
  • There are no extra features for the gamers.

8) Logitech 810 – Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100$:

Logitech 810 - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsThere are gamers who need their keyboard for just one purpose and that is the noble job of gaming. When gaming and only gaming is concerned, there are many features which do not matter anymore and then there are some which matter a lot because of the requirements of the gamers. One of the examples for a quality gaming and a medium-budget keyboards is this Logitech 810. We have all realized the reliability and quality of the ROMER G Switches which are used in the gaming which this keyboard also features and as for its feel, it is rather snappier than a normal feel which makes it unique. We shall now move ahead and discuss some of the top features of this keyboard with you.


  • Reviewed as ‘A minimalist gaming weapon’ by one of the best online media hubs.
  • Has every basic feature such as the programmable keys and the wired interface.
  • It has keyboard backlighting enabled with even more and better color modes.
  • Logitech 810 is quite famous for its minimal design for the gamers.
  • It is compatible even with the Mac operating system which makes it better.
  • A quality cable is provided for the longer use.
  • The only keyboard which was made keeping a gamer’s needs in mind.

Why to Buy Logitech 810


  • The ROMER G Switches are used for the mechanical keys.
  • One of the best keyboard options under $100.
  • Minimal Design.
  • Programmable Keys are present.
  • Keyboard Backlighting is enabled.
  • The interface is wired.


  • The USB pass-through ports are not present.
  • There isn’t any other con we can see so cheers!

9) SteelSeries Apex M500 – An Affordable Keyboard:

SteelSeries Apex M500 - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsWe are now at the tail end of this list where bringing you all-premium keyboards is no longer a feasible option. However, you shouldn’t worry because even when the price tags falls below a $100 mark, there are still a lot of quality keyboards. One of the brands in the world of SteelSeries which is known for its epic series in gaming mouse and keyboards. Since the keyboards are under discussion, we have got this SteelSeries Apex M500 which may be not the best but is definitely a standard option even for a professional gamer. Listing the features would be the better representation of this device.


  • Again, here is a keyboard for the professionals and beginners with a minimal design.
  • The keyboard backlighting is blue and attractive with just one mode.
  • There are programmable keys which you can customize using the software.
  • In this price range, you don’t get many quality mechanical keyboards.
  • You can switch between a single blue and red light.

Why to Buy SteelSeries Apex M500


  • The wired interface is present.
  • There are programmable keys in the keyboard.
  • The backlighting is also present.
  • Another of the affordable keyboards.
  • A Minimal Design.


  • There are media keys present on this one.
  • The Cherry MX is only present in red mode.
  • This is not quite good for multitasking.

10) Cougar Attack X3 RGB – A Metallic Feell Keyboard

Cougar Attack X3 RGB - Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020 ReviewsIf you have been gaming for years now and have researched a lot both on the social media and gaming hubs, the Cougar keyboards must have crossed your glance at least once. They are often regarded as the toughest keyboards to get for gaming which even though offer very limited features but those fewer features are actually in their purest form. Moreover, their focus is always on the material used in the making just you can get a product for a life time. Now, one of their most popular keyboards is gifted with RGB lighting and is titled Cougar Attack X3 RGB keyboard. We shall now move ahead and enlist the features of our last pick for this list.


  • The traditional features such as the programmable keys, a wired interface, and backlighting in the keyboard are present.
  • The backlighting is of RGB which gives this keyboard a beautiful look.
  • Even with the solid quality material, this is still quite economical.
  • Some quality aluminum is used in the making of its chassis.
  • The response time of its frequency is 1,000 Hz which is quite mesmerizing.

Why to Buy Cougar Attack X3 RGB


  • Quality Aluminum is used in the making of the frame.
  • One of the strongest and durable keyboards ever.
  • It has programmable keys and a wired interface.
  • The RGB backlighting is present.
  • The Cherry MX switches are present and 16.8 million color modes.


  • You may get tired quickly since there is no wrist rest in this one.
  • The only layout present is the US one.
  • A heavier keyboard.

Final Verdict:

And, this is it! We are now done with one of the best guides ever which opened your mind better to the keyboard technology. You got to know the history, types, and also learned one of the best ways for choosing your keyboard pick. In the grand list of Top 10 Gaming Keyboards, we exposed you to the current leaders of the keyboard industry for gaming. There is more coming on our website related to the world of keyboards and their technology. Stay Tuned!